Lonely Existence

My heart secretes pain as I long hopelessly for a man I love.

All of my dreams, wants and needs, include his presence and his being,

as without him, I am so lonely.

How long am I expected to live unhappily

As my heart pounds in search of my love gone past.

As the yearning increases as with my dreams, wants, and needs,

I truly can not enjoy full happiness with this man completely

deleted from my life.

written by Joan Farley Nyobe

About jfarley53

Being 56 is wonderful. I have so many new and jumbled insights on life.
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2 Responses to Lonely Existence

  1. Pyerse says:

    Hello Joan,
    Glad to see you got the site up and running! I liked some of your poems. This on the most, shows a strong longing for someone. Keep up the good work.

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