Friendship Turned False

I met you when I was 10. Pressed to be your friend,

I’d walk to the store for you.

As time passed, we became closer and closer.

We ventured the path of drugs together.

We skipped class, got high, laughed, cried,

and partied together.

We were sisters until the end…so I thought.

No one could separate us.

You defended me in high school, stabbing two

girls, almost going to jail.

My family came to your rescue,

you moved away, our bond, unshaken.

Your man, became my best friend too.

I loved you both, so much. Brothers and sisters

until the end.

Through the 1ncarceration of your man,

our friendship deteriorated.

As though we were never friends at all.

We were supposed to grow old together

being sisters until the end.

Our children were to mimic our reflections.

As painful as the truth may be, you won’t even speak to me now.

Yet, and still, life goes on.

Today at 49, my life has changed drastically.

I am suspicious of everyone. Boyfriends and girlfriends

now,  come and go.

My heart will never expose itself again for the pain

of realization is far greater than the early prevention.

I still love my first and only sister.

But I know we can never be friends again.

Take care my one true sister.

I hope you find a friend half as true….

written by Joan Farley Nyobe

About jfarley53

Being 56 is wonderful. I have so many new and jumbled insights on life.
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