The Subtle BiSexual

The subtle bisexual, wearing a mask undetected.

Pretending to be your friend, wanting you

all the while.

You try to be nice, evading counterfeit moves.

Wanting to disclose the agenda, yet there is no real proof.

You’re caught up in the lie, uncomfortable

with the conjectured outcome.

You learn to lie, elude and defeat the unproven purpose.

The Bible says its perverse, society has mixed feelings.

Out of frutration, you reject it entirely.

Ending the false friendship, the situation dissipates.

Until the next subtle BiSexual embarks upon your life.


written by Joan Farley Nyobe

About jfarley53

Being 56 is wonderful. I have so many new and jumbled insights on life.
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1 Response to The Subtle BiSexual

  1. Ivor Irap says:

    The subtle bi sexual

    Dealing with a bi-sexual always creates a situation that puts you right atop the horns of dilemma. You wearily tread as if you are walking in a mine field.

    The values of life, ingrained by religion and our upbringing, in our psyche are etched so deep and indelibly that we can not possibly learn to live with it. As you have put it rightly we are left in quandary.

    However bi sexuality has become some pervasive in today’s permissive society that one is sure to run into yet another encounter, pretty soon. I understand that if we can not embrace it, we just can not possibly ignore it or avoid it all together. The end result is adding fuel to the fire of frustration.

    So the easiest solution is to turn the Nelson’s eye to this problem.
    Live and let live!!

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