My Virginity is Over

This guy in high school, he was so cute,

all the girls wanted him and I did too.

He asked me to smoke a joint with him,

I accepted…considering it an honor.

Walking through the woods, I had second thoughts.

“Hey, I don’t know you that well.”

“What do you think I want to fuck you?”

Caught off guard, I went against my conscious.

We smoked a joint of weed while

Marvin Gaye, “Let’s get it on” played.

He then wanted sex, I became frightened.

Trapped at his friend’s house, I could not run.

I begged, “Please, no, don’t hurt me.”

“Let’s be friends first and then we’ll come back.”

He pulled my hair and threatened to use a gun.

I was forced to undo my double zipped jeans.

He raped me and I screamed, the pain was legendary.

Home is where I healed in private.

Bleeding for three days, my hymen was broken.

Not knowing whether to be a girl or a woman,

I just knew my virginity was gone….Forever.

written by Joan Farley Nyobe

About jfarley53

Being 56 is wonderful. I have so many new and jumbled insights on life.
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2 Responses to My Virginity is Over

  1. Ivor Irap says:

    I can very well understand how brutal deflowering of a virgin against her wish could be. Drugs might have mitigated the physical pain and to an extent even numbed the mind too. But I suspect the mental trauma would revisit you time after time, leaving you filled with the feelings of remorse, and regret and some anger too.

    I am tempted to reach out to you proffering my hand to steady you and my heart to provide you with the solace. “To feel and heal your mental scars”.

    The very thought to being thrust on to the threshold of manhood or womanhood conjures up my memories of not a distant past. However if I was to reminisce and recapture my feelings then would be something like this:

    “May 3, was a red letter day in my life,
    And a memorable milestone of my love life.
    How naturally we were initiated in love making?
    It was indeed a magical day of reckoning”.

    I would expand on this and complete it. You, in fact, have inspired me to take a long deliberate walk down the memory lane, ruminate those marvelous moments and rekindled the sleeping poet in me.
    Thank you, My Friend. .

  2. Ivor Irap says:

    2nd installment of my poem. For your eyes only.
    I look forward to hearing your comments vai an email mailed to my email address.

    She is an angel sent to me

    As God’s gift from heaven high above

    She came, kissed me and softly told me

    all she craved for was me and my love.

    I swam in her inviting eyes

    and slowly I began to melt

    For the first time in my life

    I had a feeling I never felt.

    She gently touched my face

    as she kissed me on my lips

    time flew away without a trace

    through my mind at faster clips.

    Thoughts of her bearing my children

    Visions of our love making and such

    I wanted her to know right there and then

    I loved her so very much.`

    Outside “Julios” in LA, She drew me near,

    softly whispered in my ear

    “I am yours and I shall remain your

    forever, year after year.”

    My heart missed a beat as I held her

    a smile filled my face

    I knew just at that moment

    No other could take her place.

    Since that I always wanted her more

    and each new day that’s past

    I love her more and more

    I want her till I breathe my last.

    I thank God for each precious moment

    I spent with his heavenly gift- the angel from above

    Who swept me off my feet?

    and taught me the nuances of true love.

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