Prepare For The Worse

My baby came back from his 10th doctor visit today and he is totally dismayed by the lack of competency within the medical community.  Doctors are so used to taking short cuts, they don’t give complete physicals anymore. They don’t have you lay down and press your stomach, listen to your heart, check you reflexes, and really get to know who you are. They treat you like a chart. A medical insurance number that gets them the cash for doing nothing. 10 doctors and not one of them have offered a viable resolution to my man’s problem. Why does his heart hurt? Why is his blood pressure uncontrollable? Why can’t you treat his Lyme disease without all the side effects from the treatment? Why is he dehydrated all the time and winded after taking a few steps? These so called trained medical professionals couldn’t find the answers that are staring them in their faces because all they are concerned with is the billing.  My man has told me to prepare myself for the worse because there is a distinct and real possibility that he can die. How can I prepare myself for the expiration of anyone I care about? I just found the one man that I can be me with and he gets me. The first man I can say that truly loves me.  And now, I must prepare myself for his demise? I have only been with man 14 months and 12 of those months, he’s been going back and forth to doctors and to the hospitals. John Hopkins couldn’t do anything for him either. I am angry and disillusioned with the so called medical professionals because they are not taking this situation seriously.  I can easily lose this man because of medical incompetence. And that really pisses me off. My heart, my prayers and my thoughts are with him all the time now. He has consumed my life because he is my life. He helps me be strong in my own convictions and the things I go through, which is nothing, in comparison to his plight. I wish a doctor would read this and step up to the plate because currently, we are out of options, medically.

written by Joan Nyobe

About jfarley53

Being 56 is wonderful. I have so many new and jumbled insights on life.
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