The Bath from Hell

My aunt was babysitting me on another occasion. This is same aunt that hit me in my back while I was sleeping. I don’t remember if this was before of after the back incident. It was night time and I was getting ready for my bath and then go to bed. My aunt ran the water and I could see all the steam rising from the tub. I knew that she did not intend for me to take a warm bath. She was trying to scald me in hot water. I had to be around 4 years old because I became very afraid and looked for the phone to call my mother. Back then, the phone was attached to the wall with a long cord. I dragged the phone and got underneath a tall chest of drawers. I dialed frantically on the rotary phone. Thank goodness we didn’t have to put the area codes in back then. The hospital answered where my mom worked as a nurse. I asked for my mother by name. (Yes, I was extremely smart, even back then.) My mother came to the phone and I spoke fast and low telling my mother what my aunt was trying to do. She told me to hang up and that she would call back. Whatever my mother told her, the tub was emptied and I was left alone until my mother returned home that night. Boy was I glad to see her. They didn’t have safety features in the water system like they do now. Hot water was almost equivalent to boiling water back then. I knew what was about to happen to me and had to act fast to keep it from happening. I always know that God was with me a lot when I was young. Many situations could have easily escalated to something much more worse. Thank you Father for always being there.

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Being 56 is wonderful. I have so many new and jumbled insights on life.
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