He Said I May Be The One For Him (Part One)

It was late one evening towards the end of November. The night was cold and Winter was 
making itself known. The news predicted a wind chill factor of -10 celcius. I was driving to 
a study session planned with a friend from class. And at 7:30pm, we were meeting at Walter 
Reed Hospital in Washington, DC. Caren, a bright, 21 year old female, was the only person 
I felt comfortable with in the short period we had known one another. Our friendship had
taken off from the onset. She too, wanted to become an attorney and had all the intellectual 
qualities to be a good attorney. However, she was diagnosed with Manic Depressive Illness.
And because she always have these episodic moments, the American Bar Association may never 
admit her. But I enjoyed her company anyway.

As I drove into the circle of Walter Reed's NCO club, my eyes became engorged beyond my 
wildest expectations. I was instantly captivated by a military speciman possessing superior 
masculine qualities from the exterior. He was 6'4" tall, with dark features and light 
complexioned black male. And to complete this perfect picture, he was standing in front of 
his Porsche 911 Targa. Call me a material girl but his car had a whale tail and I went 
crazy. I was driving my Porsche 944 and felt ot was in the stars. I belonged with this guy and I 
had to have him. I was so caught up in the moment, I forgot what Caren looked like. I had to 
wait for her to recognize me instead. While waiting for that to happen, I wanted to get this 
man's attention. I had a killer body and thought I would try my hand. It was night time, so 
I left the headlights on and got out of the car, with no coat on, in 32 degree, freezing 
temps, walked around the car, only to find out that it didn't work. He didn't look over. I 
had not gained his attention. It was too cold, so I hurried and got back in the car, where 
the heat was blasting. I looked over at him only to see him drive away and pass right by me. 
He neither blew his horn or gave any acknowledgement like other Porsche owners do. And, I 
distinctly smelled an aroma of pure arrogance in the air that followed as he drove by.
Moments later, I drove off too. Obviously, Caren didn't recognize me either. While driving 
home, I felt vulnerable and I ached all inside for a man I could call my own. I was weary 
from dead end relationships. My last boyfriend was a Vietnam Veteran who didn't have a clue 
that the war was over. Everyone was looked at like a Vietnamese "Gook." He always had his 
guard up and did not want a commitment. We spent 2 and a half years together and it was 
definitely a dead end. The smartest move I ever made was leaving that guy alone. Anyway, I 
had to find out who this mystery military man was. And, I hoped like hell he didn't belong 
to anyone else. There was now a new guy in my life. without a proper introduction. 
When Caren and I saw each other again, we chewed each other out for not recognizing each 
other beforehand. So, after class, I bluntly asked who was the military guy that has me so 
captivated. "Who is he?", I pondered quietly. My entire being needs to know him. I was so 
infatuated and I absolutely had to know him. So, I asked, "Caren, I saw this guy and I know 
you gotta know whi he is." She said, "Who girl?" I then blurted the details, tall, light 
skinned, high top fade, and everything else I want in a man. She said, "You gotta be talking 
about Kenneth. I said, "Whatever, who is he and how do I get to meet him?" I don't know 
girl. He came in from Germany and I don't know that much about him but I do see him around 
the base. I said, "Cool", and let my wheels of thought churn away. In my mind, I was going 
to know this man.
When I saw caren again, I gave her a seductive photo of me and on the back it read, "If your 
interested, give me a call." I gave her instructions to give it to kenneth as soon as she 
saw him. She called the next night and said, "I gave him the picture. he didn't say 
anything. But he did get the picture." I said OK and felt a little disappointed. I thought 
he would've jumped at the chance. I'm not saying I was all of that but I looked good enough 
for him. Oh well, as I gave up on him quickly, thinking he did not want me like I wanted 
him. Well, two days went by and on the second night, the phone rings and a male voice says, 
"Hello, uh, I have this picture..." And away we went. We me. He came to my home in complete 
Army uniform. I thought to myself, "What a fine specimen of male proprietary origin. This 
dude was fine."

He was in college too so we were intellectual with each other, listened to jazz and drank 
Lowenbrau beer. It was a wonderful first meeting. I walked him to the door when our first 
meeting was over and he kissed me at the door. His tongue envaded my mouth and his lips were 
so sweet. I closed the door behind him and watched as he pulled off. "Was I dreaming?" I 
didn't care. I was elated and immediately called my girl. "Caren, you'll mever guess who 
just left?" "I can't guess girl. Who?" I said, "Kenneth." And we both laughed as I went over 
every detail with her. I told her, "He's mine." I fell asleep knowing that he and I would 
see each other again really soon.
The next time he came over, he was wearing shorts and it was 20 degrees outside. Didn't 
matter to me. He was fine as hell. We went down stairs, listened to jazz and made our way to 
my bedroom. And as he laid his body on top of mine, I softly asked, "Will you repect me in 
the morning?" We laughed and he said, "You're crazy." And we fell in to a deep sensual 
elongated kiss and I whispered, "Don't hurt me, as I melted in his arms. We made beautiful 
love that transcended all others. He was so gentle and caring, warm and affectionate. I 
wanted this man to be so much more than a casual inference. I wanted him to be my husband. 
We continued to see each other, going to clubs, eating out and doing things that couples do.
He would call me and we'd talk for hours. He would read me scriptures or poetry. He would 
say things like, "You could be the one for me." I was over the moon with glee. Then all of a 
sudden, I missed a period. Started having morning sickness and didn't know how to tell 
Kenneth. I was in love with him but didn't tell him that either. 
I think I was afraid of his stature. He was 6'4" tall and I was 5'2" tall at the time. With 
his military training, he was somewaht authoritative in a laid back atmosphere. Like, he had 
strong views about things. He had already been married once before and OK. Chickens clucking 
in the background. I was just plain scared to tell him. So, the last night we were together, 
I got up to leave in the middle of the night, instead of waiting for day break. He looked up 
when I got up and said, "You leaving?" I said, "As quiet as its kept." I knew then that I 
wouldn't see him again. And he wouldn't know about the baby. That way, he can leave me 
before knowing about the baby, to turn around and leave us. 
I had battle scars to prove that theory. My first child's father left me while I was 
pregnant and wound up marrying that person and never formally broke up with me. One day he 
was my man and the next day, poof, he was gone. So I took the least painful route. This guy 
was so handsome and well spoken, I figured he would leave me anyway. I just beat him to the 
punch. So, I didn't call him anymore and he did not call me either. I settled into handling 
my pregnancy alone. I told friends that Kenneth was fighting in the war overseas. I think 
Star Wars was going on at the time. I asked Caren if she seen kenneth but she said she had 
not seen him in a while. Then, I got worried that he had indeed left the area. I even 
enlisted the help of The Army Locator to assist in finding my man, because I may need him.
My pregnancy was going along fine. I had some type of pregnancy related sickness everyday 
but it didn't stop my flow. I continued to go to school until I couldn't go anymore. Towards 
the end of the pregnancy, I had a glitch that tried to wreak havoc on my unborn child. I 
went to a wake with a friend who's boyfriend's mother died. At the wake, she and he 
boyfriend got in a fight. As we were walking back to her car, I just wanted to get me and my 
daughter back home safely. She got in the car and unlocked the door for me and my daughter. 
Before we could get in the car, her man jumped in my place, closed the door and started 
beating up my friend. He snatched her purse and took money out of it and then jumped out of 
the car. Me and my daughter got in and as we were leaving, her man rammed the back of her 
car with his car. We screamed and just wanted out of this. By the time I got home, I was 
spotting and thought my baby was harmed. Docs checked me out and said everything was OK and 
for me to just rest.
While resting, the Army locater letter came and I found out that Kenneth had never left the 
area. He was right here in town and just didn't bother to call and check on me. I felt we 
were really over then. But knew he needed to know about his baby. Too scared to call him, I 
let Caren tell him the news. I still didn't hear from him. My baby was gone but I had a 
piece of him that would be with me forever. The baby was born with the umbilical cord 
wrapped around his little neck but he was healthy. The doctor gently un loosened the cord 
from his neck and spanked his bottom. He let out a loud cry. He was cleaned off and placed 
in my arms. A beautiful baby boy, I named, Joshua.
Two months into new motherhood, Joshua's father comes to the door. He had a friend with him 
and I guess that friend would co sign whether or not the child was Kenneth's. I went to get 
the baby and brought him out and placed him in Kenneth's arms. His friend said, "You can't 
deny it man." But that was not enough for Kenneth. He wanted a paternity test. We did that 
too and the test came back 99.9% his. He is Joshua's father. Kenneth kicked in as dad, 
immediately. He provided money, diapers and milk. But, he found it increasingly difficult to 
live here in this area. The Washington Metropolitan Area was too expensive for him. He 
decided to leave and return to Florida, his home towm. Right before he left, so I thought, I 
slid a letter under his door, professing my love for him. I don't think he got it though. If 
he did get it, it didn't make a difference because he left.
All through the years that followed, Kenneth stayed in touch. He always wanted to know what 
his son was doing and how I was. , and asked me to marry him and I said yes. But the military idea 
didn't pan out and his life went into another direction.He even thought about going back in the 
military at one pointI resigned myself to the fact that I would never have him as my own and
old him, "I'm pregnant." He said, "Wow, congratulations." I said thank you. I went from relationship 
to relationship and never found a man that compared to Kenneth. I was in relationships but something
was always missing. Not enough affection, not enough intellect and not enough money. I craved a man 
with a backbone. A man I could count on. Someone I would not be afraid to leave him for. I wanted to 
feel safe, like I did when I was with Kenneth.
Twenty two years later, Kenneth and I are talking on the phone like we normally do and out 
the blue, he wants me to search flights coming from Florida to Reagan National Airport here 
in DC. I found the cheapest flight and he gave me his credit card information and I 
completed the purchase. He then gave me specific instructions. He said, "Come to the airport 
alone and wear s dress." He then asked, "Are we going to kiss at the airport?" I said yes. 
He then asked, "Are you going to give me some loving when I come?" I said, "Of Course." I 
can never say no to him because I feel like he has complete control of me and I feel safe 
with him so, yes, I will make love with hin. He said, "How will that happen if I am staying 
there with you guys?" We are going to a hotel, straight off the plane. Then, he'll come home 
with me and stay a week. He said, "OK. Now, when I go back to Florida, I expect you to come 
down to see me." I said OK and will make the arrangements while he is here and pay for my 
trip. He said, "Pay you way down here and I'll pay your flight back." Sounds like a plan to 
me. I've never been to Florida. You see, he and I never had closure. Our story is open ended.
then he comes here, I will take care of him properly because he is my King. And I still want 
him to be my husband. Stay tuned for part two because this story is true and ongoing.
by Joan Farley Nyobe

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Being 56 is wonderful. I have so many new and jumbled insights on life.
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