A Laugh (Revisited)

Every time I think of what happened, I crack up laughing. We went to the doctor’s office so my mother could complete her checkup. The psychiatrist, wife and medical doctor, husband (Husband and Wife team), were both there seeing patients as well. I figured on a long wait because several patients were ahead of us. But before I could relax with my iPod, a hot flash came on and all of a sudden, sweat just started pouring off me. So I asked the receptionist if the heat was on because it was so hot. She said, “No, the heats not on, but if you’re hot, you can turn the fan on. I turn around and look at the fan and its a stand-up fan standing on a pedestal. A patient waiting on a seat, near the fan, attempted to turn the fan on. But the fan would not power on. She looked at my mother, seated beside her and my mother said, in a calm voice, “It might work better if it was plugged in.” I looked down at the floor, near the outlet and the plug end of the cord was laying near the wall. She plugged it in and the fan came on, giving me relief.

I looked at the lady and she had a look of chagrin on her face. I said, “Make sure you tell the doctor all of that so she can give you the right meds.”  At that moment, I burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. I don’t know, it was one of those silly moments where I could not stop laughing. Every time I looked at her, I couldn’t control it. I kept picturing her, fiddling with the power button. And the fan was unplugged. The receptionist asked me if I was OK. And I said no and screamed with laughter into my crumbled clothes to muffle the sound.  She got mad at me and unplugged the fan, thinking that would stop me. I fell out on the floor and was banging on the carpet.

Then, I started thinking, “Hold up, if she is here to see the psychiatrist. you better get a hold of yourself.” So I picked myself back up, on to the chair and tried to gain some kind of composure. And it was working until I saw her in my peripheral view. I got up and almost ran out of the office, laughing all over again crying and both sides hurting. I know she wanted to beat my ass to the ground. But guess what? She didn’t know if I was there to see the psychiatrist or not.  And the thoughts of me going off on her was sure to have crossed her mind, too. I stayed in the outer lobby of the building until my mother was done.  Laughing hard like that makes me look like a silly ass immature kid, but I love getting my laugh on. It can be debilitating for me. When I’m driving, I have to pull over and maybe let someone else drive.  And, I can’t control it. When it comes, my daughter knows how to rub my back and help me to get control of my faculties. It can occur at any time, anywhere, and any place.  Just pray for me guys. This is one behavior flaw that can be irritating for some. (Whatever)

by Joan Farley Nyobe

About jfarley53

Being 56 is wonderful. I have so many new and jumbled insights on life.
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