My skin issues is a testimony in itself.  From the very young age of 4 until my current age of 53, I have had one skin eruption after the other. These eruptions would appear out of no where and wreak havoc on my existence. I felt ashamed and humiliated because of the way other classmates would taunt me in school.  Even as an adult, I felt ashamed and would stay indoors during break outs to avoid stares. If I wanted to venture outdoors, I needed at least 24 hours to prep my skin to get it, “Outdoor ready.” And that would only buy me a window of 2, maybe 3 hours. Then I would have to run back home

Your skin is the largest organ of the body. And when skin issues occur, it can be very debilitating. From childhood until now, 52 years old, I have had bouts with different skin issues. First, as a child, I had Eczema.  ttp://   My inner arms and behind my knees would crack and bleed. That was very painful. When that cleared up, I had the worse case of Chicken Pox you ever want to see. I had chicken pox in my mouth, in my ears, and everywhere else you could think of. I wanted to die, on the spot. Funny thing, I was on a trip  to Canada. It was on the way back from New York to DC that I just broke out and had a fever with it. I was miserable. As a teenager, out of no where, I broke out from Pityriasis  Rosea.   I lost pigmentation from the tip of my nose, down to the bottom of my thighs. I had to bring a doctor’s note to school, stating that I was not contagious.  Of course, no one wanted to sit by me in class. Thank Yahuah, that cleared up as fast as it came. After child birth, some years later, I break out with Psoriasis.  I lived with the psoriasis over 20 years and tried every topical known. I spent thousands of dollars in lotions and oils, with only temporary results. I tried to get into trial studies of psoriasis but they said my break out was mild and they wanted the severe cases first. Recently, I tried UVB Phototherapy.   And to my surprise, it provided relief for the first two months. I was feeling better about myself and I felt less self conscious about it.  Then, the strangest thing happened. The psoriasis went into remission and all of a sudden, I broke out from Pityriasis Lichenoides.  A rare skin disease.  The worse break out was on my left arm and hand. Then a series of smaller, less significant breakouts elsewhere.  My left arm and hand itched like crazy. I had to wear long sleeves on hot days.  I showed my dermatologist and ultimately, the biopsy determined what it was.  She told me that I need full bodied PUVA treatments. However, before I could get to the PUVA treatments, another strange thing happened. My face broke out from what is known as Acne Rosacea. and because if it, the pigmentation in my face has all but left. I’ve read that menopause may be the underlying cause for the facial issues. All I know is that I am tired. Tired of having to deal with, yet, another skin issue.

Having all of these bouts with different skin afflictions have been a humbling experience.  I am self conscious of my skin and only venture out of doors for work related activities. If I don’t have to go outside, I won’t go. It has triggered anxiety reactions in me. I have very dry skin, which was a catalyst to all the issues I have been through, regarding my skin. My current skin condition is considered manageable. I can get my skin presentable for going outside. I use Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair lotion.  This lotion provides the milky, creamy base that I need for my dry skin. It’s been very effective in helping my skin get public ready. What ever occurs with my skin next, would be of no consolation.  I’m  told that because I’ve  had chicken pox, I can look forward to Shingles later. Since I break out from everything, the dermatologist started treating my psoriasis with steroids (cortisone) injections. And, it seems to work very well. All the break outs disappeared with markings or spots of where the psoriasis were. I still have Acne Rosacea. However, Tretinoin 0.05% cream night treatments keep the breakouts minimal. So my skin at this time is acceptable. Because of Yahuah, I have a great dermatologist that can address any and all of my break outs professionally. I am now a happy camper.

by Joan Farley 

by Joan Farley

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Being 56 is wonderful. I have so many new and jumbled insights on life.
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  1. Rashidah says:

    Beautifully well written article. Thank YOU for your transparency and authenticity. Continued Blessings of Light, Love and Healing! ❤

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