YAHUAH Protects His Own



On 5/29/2015, I drove into Firestone Complete Auto Care in Waldorf, MD and requested wheel balance, tire rotation, and vehicle check. The report came back that nothing was wrong with the car and the report also indicated tire rotation was done at no charge. Nothing was wrong with the vehicle, except that the wheels needed to be balanced. The wheels were never balanced. I went home and did not drive again until 6/2/2015.

On 6/2/2015, while driving, I noticed that the car was making funny noises and as it progressed, the battery light came on. I thought the battery posts may have been loose so I went back to the same Firestone Complete Auto Care in Waldorf, MD. They went under the hood and did something. I told them the battery came from Sam’s Club a year ago, and it was still under warranty. The battery light went out and I started driving again. 2 miles down the road, the battery light came on again. I turned around and went back. They said, “It’s your alternator.” He said it would cost $473.38 dollars to fix it. I allowed the work to be done because I was too far away from home and in route to school. I did not want to risk driving with the battery light on and the car making funny noises. I didn’t want to break down in the middle of a traffic jam. He called AutoZone and ordered a re-manufactured alternator and charged me for a brand new alternator. I feel like because I am a female, something was done to my vehicle to make me come back to them for service. There was nothing wrong with the car when I went to them on 5/29/2015. I only needed wheel balance and rotation. I keep excellent maintenance records and know there was nothing mechanically wrong with this vehicle. They never balanced the wheels. I believe they created a situation whereby my battery drained because the alternator was unplugged.

They charged $270 dollars for an AutoZone alternator that only cost $169.99 plus $50 core charge…And Firestone never returned my core so I could at the very least get $50 back on the core charge. I paid using my Firestone credit card. When I went to school that evening, I felt like I had been financially raked over the coals. To think I was going to let them replace my tires, later this year.

I said, “Yahuah, I know you not going to let them get away with that.” My license plates reads, “YAHUAH1”.  So, the first vehicle check and the work receipt had Yahuah’s Name on it.  Late that night, I wrote and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau that was ignored by Firestone. I went to Legal Shield and they wrote Firestone a letter on my behalf. I even posted on ripoffreport.com. And lastly, I wrote and sent a notarized affidavit, clearly outlining what happened. I made the first payment on the credit card in the amount of $73.38. I told myself I would pay off the card and never do business with this company again. Everyone said I didn’t have sufficient proof and I should’ve got a second opinion. I gave up thinking this situation would never be resolved.

A little over a month later, I’m taking a nap and the phone rings on my PC. I answer and it’s someone from Firestone headquarters. She asked me to go over all the details of what happened again. I did and told them how the business practice at the Waldorf, MD location makes my skin crawl. She said her job is to see to it that I am OK. Then she asked me if a full refund would be to my satisfaction. I said, “Yes Ma’am.” She said give it a couple of days but the manager at the Waldorf. MD location where I initially took the car will process the refund. On Friday, July 17, 2015, a full refund was issued on my credit card and the balance said -$73.38 (The payment I made that has to go back to my bank card).  Yahuah is awesome!!!! Barak Atah Yahuah!!!

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Being 56 is wonderful. I have so many new and jumbled insights on life.
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2 Responses to YAHUAH Protects His Own

  1. All praise to Yahuah!!! Congratulations!!! So happy for you!!!! 🙂

  2. Praise Yahuah!!! Congratulations… I’m sooo happy for you!!!

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