My name is Joan Nyobe and I have resided in the state of Maryland for 39 years. I have been writing for 39 years.I don’t write for entertainment. I write on a reflection of my emotions. Whether I am happy or sad, scared or alone. I write to fight the demons that reside in me and try to tear me apart. I write to express that joy of having God’s love around me all the time. I will take you with me on an emotional roller coaster of real life. There is nothing artificial or made up in any of my writing.  Remember, we must always embrace ourselves for who we are. So enjoy.

2 Responses to Introduction

  1. Ivor Irap says:

    Hi Joan,

    To sat the least I am highly impressed with your inner revelations. I must totally agree with your contention that neither you nor your revelations are pretentious. You have a crisp and convincing way to communicate concisely.

    If I can borrow an expression from Late Muhamed Ali, the famous boxer of yester era, ‘they fly like butterflies but sting like bees’.

    I did not know that they are more where they came from. I reckon that you’re a voracious writer. You have deftness of a plastic surgeon. You tuck in a penetrative message very neatly and nicely leaving the reader with hordes of thoughts to mull over.

    Good work! Creative work! Keep it up.

    I bet, whether we may play pets or not but, we are sure to have more encounters in this field.


  2. jnyobe48 says:

    Thank you

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