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YAHUAH Protects His Own

                     On 5/29/2015, I drove into Firestone Complete Auto Care in Waldorf, MD and requested wheel balance, tire rotation, and vehicle check. The report came back that nothing was wrong with the car and the report also indicated tire … Continue reading

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How Yahuah Pulled Me from the Flames

Back in 2008, I was in a car accident. Little did I know that, this particular car accident would set in motion, a chain of events that would alter my life forever. I began physical therapy shortly after the accident … Continue reading

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About Me

I have a renewed heart as I have paid my dues in this life.  I have been molested as a child, virginity taken in date rape, sexually assaulted as an adult, sexually harassed and have not had a successful relationship … Continue reading

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Who was being tested… Me or Her?

I conducted a secret shop at a bank in Arlington, Virginia. Took about 30 minutes to get there with traffic. Traffic was actually pretty good. That is until I got to Columbia Pike. There was a little construction going on … Continue reading

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A Fake Smile!

Have you ever took the time to notice people when they smile at you? Have you ever wondered if the smile was a genuine smile or a fake smile? Well, I have been observing for years now and can definitely … Continue reading

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Love and Loyalty

Love and Loyalty goes hand in hand. Why keep secrets? All dirt comes out in the wash. If you love your significant other, don’t blow it with lies and deceit. Be open and honest! Allow the sweet aroma of positive … Continue reading

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Letting Go!

Letting go of the past is not an easy feat. You are never really able to say “Goodbye” and really let go. Especially if your past is particularly painful. Post traumatic stress disorder can thwart any realistic efforts at getting … Continue reading

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