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How Yahuah Pulled Me from the Flames

Back in 2008, I was in a car accident. Little did I know that, this particular car accident would set in motion, a chain of events that would alter my life forever. I began physical therapy shortly after the accident … Continue reading

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Nailed By A Manger

The idea of Christmas has always been confusing. A gazillion dollar industry that spans worldwide. On the one hand, you remember the birth of Christ as our savior. Then, this immortalized infant in a manger is enshrouded with all these … Continue reading

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How Good is Yahuah’s Love

I had  been running from my Alahym for a long time and He has kept nudging me. All through the years of my life. But I thought YAHUAH had made a mistake and put me in the wrong century. Bad things kept … Continue reading

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About Me

I have a renewed heart as I have paid my dues in this life.  I have been molested as a child, virginity taken in date rape, sexually assaulted as an adult, sexually harassed and have not had a successful relationship … Continue reading

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My Sanctuary

My sanctuary is with YAHUAH, as I venture through life and many temptations. My love for my Heavenly Father will sustain forever as I have found comfort, contentment and inner peace. My foundation is in YAH, as I pray to … Continue reading

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