The Scent of my Man

The Scent of my Man

sets my femininity ablaze.

My senses are ignited,

all of me is permeated.

I can feel him, I can want him.

I can need him all over.

I can smell his masculinity,

not over powering and yet un cowering.

Strong, electrifying and assured.

A natural uninhibited scent

fueled by pure primitive raw pleasure.

Keeping me wild in the quake of his energy.

Unleashed at just the right moment.

Explosive erotica; unchecked and unchallenged.

The scent of my man dominates me entirely.

written by Joan Farley

6 Responses to The Scent of my Man

  1. Kevin Belle says:

    Yes , it touched me enough to want to be your man !

  2. Tommy aka Penarena says:

    Joan, this poem is enough to make every man want to re-examine his comittment toward the main woman in his life. And I do love this poem!

  3. Bro Everentt says:

    You write with the insite that I write from. This is very moving and deep! Because, the fragrance of a lady mixed with the scent of my masculinity fuels the very essences of love making. The fine mist that fills the air when the two become one. It is an aroma that everyone should experience at lease once in their life time. Because that was the intent of God when He created love making.

  4. Ivor Irap says:

    Your sensuality is oozing out. It pivots around the pertinent subject and exposes its explosive exhillarations -raw pleasures very precisely, pointedly and graphically.

    Congratulations! You have a budding poetess in you. Let her come out, spread her wings and fly to reach the dizzy heights. And share many such experiences with the friends.

    You have said it all yet I could hardly find a single word redundant. It is an art.

  5. Clayton Modest says:

    I read all your poems they are deep great work Joan I can feel the energy of a great mind >>>god bless.

  6. Donald says:

    Joan, Every man should have a woman who feels about him this way. Beautiful.

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